Meet Alfred

Meet Alfred Blake:

  • Under 30 CEO of IAm Multi, LLC
  • Author of The Student’s Handbook to Breaking All the Rules
  • Servant to the Masses and Motivator of the Youth

Alfred Blake has a history of breaking rules. By the time he was in tenth grade, he had been expelled from three schools and paid dearly for the mistakes he’d made along the way. Confronted with two potential paths- success or failure- He channeled his rebellious attitude into a positive resource for students, parents mentors and educators alike..

Alfred Blake is known as a “ #1 Rule Breaker” and a dream catcher who looks to find the unlimited potential in every person he meets. Alfred is the author of “The Students Handbook To Breaking All The Rules” and Co-Founder of I Am Multi LLC, a company that provides life skills workshops for youth, ages 13-25. Alfred’s Client List includes Pharrell William’s Kidult Leadership conference, The Chidren’s defense fund,  Rutgers NAACP Empowerment Day (keynote), and Jesse Jackson’s Wall Street Summit (Breakout Session Speaker) to name a few. Alfred is a graduate of Oakwood University, where he received a Bachelor of Science in pre-physical therapy. Alfred Blake is NOT a motivational speaker, a writer, a teacher, or an activist. He believes that he is a mere proponent for change by any means necessary…and so are you! Follow on twitter @AlfredBlake